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Land Development Management 


As the third dimension for each development project, architecture and design aesthetics play an important role in conveying building style, typology, architectural themes and promoting an aesthetically pleasing public environment their design language.  We believe buildings have a hierarchy and if placed together are compatible in size, architectural language and siting.  As such we take great care in assembling the right designers for each development and/or building project.

The building design process typically follows the following process with some of the work also being completed in house:

  1. Initial Design Concepts for various typologies - this stage may include additional design architects with the majority of this work being completed in house.

  2. Schematic Architectural Design Charrette/Workshop - We assemble an architectural design team, including interior designer and a local production architect.

  3. Design Development Charrette/Workshop - We work with the development and architectural design team to finalize the final design.

  4. Final Construction Documentation    

  5. 3D Visualization

  6. Interior unit configurations options

  7. Development permit submission

  8. Building permit submission

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