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Land Development Management 


The Marketing package illustrates the Vision, Goals and Objectives of the development within a comprehensively designed marketing package. The value of brand marketing can never be underestimated and we spend a great deal of effort to ensure continuity between the marketing program and the vision/theme for the development.  This work includes coordinating branding, website design, graphic display standards, print advertising, sales centre design and professional renderings.  

Marketing Package may include all or some of the following:

  1. Investor Presentation Packages

  2. Marketing Agency hire - We vet and chose the marketing agency to develop the brand and marketing program.  

  3. Branding / Website Design / Ad Campaigns - Everything from the colour palette to logo is closely reviewed to ensure consistency throughout the marketing program. 

  4. Sales Centre Design 

  5. Sales Packages

  6. Hiring key sales staff/agencies 

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