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Land Development Management 


Project viability is an assembly of all relevant development information and the management of any background information that may be applicable to the project.  This background information can include a detail overview of the site, adjacencies, market research, evaluation of the desired end product, and the ability to comprehensively assemble all the elements into a viable master plan and development program.   

Project Feasibility Overview:

  1. Capital Overview 

  2. Background Data Assembly 

  3. Develop Project Vision - We look at the key goals for the project, and whether or not the preferred product type make sense within the project parameters including approval viability, timelines, servicing and construction constraints etc.  Additionally, we assess the marketability of the desired product and if it is something that the investor groups will buy into.  This stage may also include a preliminary meeting with the local approving authority to discuss the project vision.

  4. Market Research - Depending on project size and scope we may work with a variety of Market Research firms to confidently assess the viability of the vision and provide further insight into latent market opportunities.  

  5. Schematic Master Plan (SMP) - Preliminary Land Development Concept based on the established Vision      

  6. Project Feasibility Report & Development Brief - This brief determines in writing the vision for the project and is an essential tool in assembling preliminary investors, JV partners, tenants and local approving authorities. 

  7. Preliminary Meeting with the Local Approving Agencies

  8. Decision to move forward with the Project 

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