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Land Development Management 


The Master Planning stage is a crucial part of the development process as it fully embodies the Vision, Goals and Objectives of the development within a comprehensively designed master plan.  Unlike other management firms our strong background in Sustainable Urban Design, Urban Planning and Approval Facilitation ensures that when we design a Master Development Plan it meets both the intent of the development team as well as the regulatory and policy framework.  Where sustainable development policies do not exist, we often include "Smart Growth" and sustainable development initiatives. 

The following is a high level overview of the Master Planning process we typically follow:

  1. 3D Topographic Mapping - We believe in sustainable development principles and make every effort to utilize existing topography where possible which often results in a development with more character and charm.   

  2. Schematic Master Planning (Charrette/Workshop) - We are strong believers in collaboration!  We know that better communication between all stakeholders, approving authorities and consultant groups ultimately ensures a higher degree of buy-in.  The final designs are vetted through in depth design studies, 3D visualization and coordinated between all consultant groups. 

  3. Conceptual Scheme - The Conceptual scheme document illustrates the final plan with corresponding smart planning policies, visuals, and supporting consultant information for approval submission.

  4. Approval facilitation -  Ongoing approval facilitation by New Urban Design Group to local councils alongside the local development team throughout the approval process is necessary to ensure buy-in and ultimately achieve timely approvals. 

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