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Duroville, California

Non-Profit: Mixed Use Affordable Housing Village - Residential, Civic, Retail, Parks Master Plan

Duroville MP_edited
Duroville alternate concept
Village Square
Existing Plan
Village centre
Vista pencil sketch
Vista pencil sketch

Village Revitalization Master Plan

Duroville, California

150 acres

Charitable Work (Non-Profit)

Affordable Housing

Development Feasibility Study

Master Planning / Urban Design

Programming / Visioning

This plan was commissioned by a non profit developer to redevelop an existing slum where residents lived in run down huts and trailers.  The vision for this redevelopment plan is inspired by courtyard blocks of traditional neighbourhoods across Central America and Mexico with a predominant Spanish eclectic architectural style.    

The Plan places primary importance on the design for a safe and functional pedestrian public realm where each block has its own playground open space.  A functional "Hacienda" inspired mixed use centre anchored by a church forms the heart of the Village.  

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