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Silvertip, Canmore, CAN

Mixed Use Mountain Resort Village


Rendering by Marie Eldridge

silvertip trail rendering

Rendering by UDA


Architectural Design and Rendering by UDA


Rendering by UDA

small Illustrative Plan-Aug.21

New Urban Design Group Inc. (Originally completed under Civic Design Group Inc).


New Urban Design Group Inc. (Originally completed under Civic Design Group Inc).

bontempi color study2

Pier Carlo Bontempi

bontempi color study1

Pier Carlo Bontempi

view to hotel tower
piazza 1
piazza 2
gateway walkway
Inspiration Centre A2

Mixed Use Mountain Resort Village

Canmore, Alberta Canada

80 acre

Development Feasibility Study

Master Planning / Urban Design

Engineering Feasibility Study

Programming / Visioning


Development Management

Silvertip Resort Village is inspired by medieval town planning principles inspired by an extensive tour of 25 different cities and villages across southern medieval Europe.  The master plan incorporates 1400+ Units on the side of Mount Lady McDonald spanning nearly 100m of elevation difference across the site.  With a projected total build cost of $2.5Billion, Jaydean Boldt was the master planner, urban designer, and architectural designer and was responsible for assembling the consultant team and facilitating the approval process and developing the architectural standards and review guidelines.  He was also employed directly by the land owner as Senior Development Manager to manage the design, programming, engineering, construction, and Marketing and Sales.     

Guest Architects:                                            Renderings:  

Pier Carlo Bontempi                                       Marie Eldridge, Dave Csont            

Urban Design Associates (UDA)

La Quattra Bonci Landscape Architects

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