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"We work Land to dramatically increase development profitability through our proven design and development strategies"

We specialize in providing advisory services in the following areas:








Our Overview


The new economy is underway.  Developers, municipal leaders, and the public are increasingly demanding more livable places to work, live, shop, and play.  Ranging from small rural hamlets and towns to downtown cores and major cities, the value of functional Urban Design and Planning coupled with a clearly defined Land Development Strategy is crucial for success.  These are increasingly being recognized as an essential component to the successful building of marketable neighbourhoods, that are sustainable and liveable.  At New Urban Design Group we take a wholistic approach to land development by incorporating innovative and imaginative design strategies into every project we design and/or develop.

New Urban Design Group 

Land Development 

More than just the name implies, New Urban Design Group develops and manages various land and building development projects ranging from small infill sites upwards to large scale Master Planned developments, Commercial Real Estate, Resort and Mixed Use Development Projects.  

We act as the design visionary and master developer through the entire development process from start to finish.  We see ourselves as the "Keepers of the Plan" and make every effort to ensure the original vision is never compromised throughout the design, approval, and land development process.  

The key Phases throughout the entire Land Development Process are: 

Stage 1: Pre-Development

Stage 2: Project Feasibility/Due Diligence

Stage 3: Master Planning/Approval Facilitation

Stage 4: Building Design

Stage 5: Construction & Building

Stage 6: Marketing & Sales

Building Design


Master Town Planning & Urban Design

Building Design

We are passionate about the Design and Development of places that can stand the test of time, are thereby inherently sustainable and incorporate a human scale.  We offer Master PlanningUrban Design and Building Design Services.  Integrated with our core skills, we have also hand picked an effective network of Consultants including Engineering, Architecture, Landscape Design that are tailored and managed for each individual project to complement, and profitably deliver Innovative design.  
Some of our Core Design Services include:

Master Planned Development

Urban Planning & Approval Facilitation

Design Build Development Strategies

Regional Planning Design Strategies

Urban Code / Architectural Codeing

Agriculture / Agrarian Urban Development

Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

Mixed Use Development


Residential & Multi-Family

Building Design

Infill Planning


Retirement & Senior Living


Affordable Housing

Smart Growth / Smart Code

New Urbanism

Sustainable Development 

Approval Facilitation / Charrette Management

Recent Projects

Marketing & Sales 

Marketing and Sales is one of the most important part of the development process as it plays a key role in gathering initial Investors, conveying the vision, and ultimately driving sales toward the end user.  Our comprehensive marketing approach includes working with strategic marketing partner agencies and sales people.  

As the Master Developer and Design Visionary we educate and work with strategic marketing agencies throughout the entire development process from start to finish.  As the "Keepers of the Plan" we make every effort to ensure the development vision is translated into the Marketing and Sales process.


We believe pictures and other media are worth more than 1000 words and are key to conveying the vision and ultimately driving sales.  Regardless of project scope we place a great deal of emphasis on the visual representation of the project throughout the marketing process. 

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